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Bags On Board Cushy Dispenser Grey+14 Bags

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New Cushy waste pick-up dispensers are made from lightweight soft silicon, to give your pet extra comfort when out walking. The Cushy features a metal carabiner for easier, more secure attachment to any lead.
The Bags on Board Cushy Dog Waste Bag Dispenser in grey with 14 bags makes picking up after your dog simple and quick
Sturdy and compact, yet lightweight the dog poop bag dispenser holds 14 large dog poop bags, and when it's time to refill, simply open and reload.
The Bags on Board Dispensers attach to any standard or retractable leash, so you'll always have poop bag when you need it
The Refill Bags have double-sealed seams to make them stronger and are leak-proof - includes 1 roll of 14 pet waste bags