Pedigree Senior Wet Dog Food Pouches Mixed Selection in Jelly 12x100g

Pedigree Senior Wet Dog Food Pouches Mixed Selection in Jelly 12x100g

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100% complete and balanced, Pedigree Wet dog food is not only nutritious but also makes for highly enjoyable everyday meals that will bring out their infectious enthusiasm.
In its easy-to-open Pouch format, it's perfect for a fresh healthy, easy meal you can serve in one go. Chewy chunks which make delicious feeding for your special pets and helps towards their health and wellness.
Developed with the help of vets and nutritionists at Waltham Pet Nutrition Centre, Pedigree dog food pouches have quality ingredients with all the essential nutrients to support optimal digestion, a healthy skin and coat, strong natural defenses and healthy bones.

3x with Chicken
3x with Beef
3x with Poultry
3x with Lamb

-100% Complete and balanced wet dog food classics for adult dogs
-Easy-to-open individual packets, ideal for a fresh healthy meal, on its own or on top of dry canine food
-Nutrition for dogs that helps support healthy bones, good digestion, a healthy skin & coat and strong natural defenses
-Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
-Vitamin E to help support his immune system, so he's ready for anything
-Natural fibres to help keep his insides healthy so he always feels his best
-Zinc & sunflower oil containing omega 6, known to support a healthy skin & coat
-Calcium to support healthy bones

Meat and Animal Derivatives (39%), Oils and Fats (0.5% Sunflower Oil), Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (including 0.5% Dried Beet Pulp), Vegetable Protein Extracts.

Daily Feeding Recommendation
Pouch Only: 5kg, 10+* 3 1/2; Pouch + Dry Food: 2 / + 40 g
Pouch Only: 10kg, 10+* 6; Pouch + Dry Food: 3 / + 75 g
Pouch Only: 20kg, 10+* 10 1/2; Pouch + Dry Food: 5 / + 125 g
*From this age your dog can be regarded as 'senior'.

We recommend to feed a mix of Wet PEDIGREE and Dry PEDIGREE complete food. Feeding instructions: Allow a transition phase and adjust amounts according to your pet's needs. For overweight dogs reduce daily amount. Fresh water should always be available
87 kcal/100 g