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Pet Remedy Atomis Refill, 250ML

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Atomiser 250 ml Refill Bottle

• A new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety
• Several years of research and trials have resulted in a unique
treatment using low dosage Valerian essential oil, blended with
Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Sage

Pet Remedy works alongside the brain’s natural messengers called neuro-transmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm ( via GABA pathway) or get ‘fired up’.
In times of stress or anxiety the nerves get over stimulated, which leads on to the many symptoms we see in our stressed pets.
The special Pet Remedy blend of essentials oils works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets.

• For use with Pet Remedy, non-aerosol, battery operated atomiser
• Water based formulation
• Suitable for all mammals showing signs of stress including
cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, and horses
• Ideal for locations where socket for plug-in diffuser is not available
• Clinically proven
• Starts to help immediately
• Helps calm pet without sedating
• Helps pet become more attentive and receptive
• Delivers a metered dose (0.11ml)
• Lasts up to 8 weeks
• Suitable for small room (10m2 or 100 sq ft)
• Developed and made in England