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Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay

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Do you know that in order to keep your rabbit’s teeth and tummies healthy they need to eat their own body size in hay every day? That’s a lot of grass and hay so it needs to be good!
Bedding hay is good to sleep on but lacks the nutritional values of feeding hay. Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay is Timothy Hay grown on a Yorkshire farm, cut at the right time and dried within 48 hours. It is high in fibre which aids digestion, whilst the long stems of hay satisfy both chewing for dental health and natural foraging giving rabbits the emotional enrichment they need. It also comes in a resealable bag so there’s less mess and it’s nice and fresh right down to the last tasty stalk!

- Stimulates chewing, good for dental health
- High in beneficial fibre, promotes digestive health
- Dust extracted for respiratory health
- Encourages foraging, providing emotional enrichment
- Fresh fragrance, irresistible to rabbits
- 100% natural