Veni-Dog Pure Venison Skinny Sticks 60g (10 Pack)

Veni-Dog Pure Venison Skinny Sticks 60g (10 Pack)

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Air-dried sausage snacks made in the UK from Scottish venison meat (with no offal or other body parts) plus organic apple cider vinegar for gut and general health. A natural and rich source of protein, zinc, iron, selenium and B vitamins, with excellent omega 3 qualities. Gluten-free, hypo-allergenic, and suitable for dogs with food intolerances. Feed as an occasional snack under supervision.



  • Venison meat (prepared from 180g meat per 60g finished product), with organic apple cider vinegar.


Typical Ingredients per g/100:

  • Protein 54.3,
  • Oils and Fat 25.7,
  • Inorganic matter 5.8,
  • Moisture 14.1
  • (Crude Fibre 12.9%)